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Ranch Living Lodging for Rent at 2UW Brush Creek Ranch, KS

2UW Brush Creek Ranch has several rental properties available.

We are a peaceful, private, gated ranch on 400 acres in the Flint Hills of Kansas, about 16 miles from Manhattan/K-State, 12 miles from Wamego, 8 miles from Westmoreland, and 56 miles from Topeka.

We offer three types of ranch living: Roadhouse Lofts, Ranch House Single Room, and Treehouse Loft. Please call for availability as it may vary. Must pass background checks.

We offer a controlled environment that has:

  • No dogs running loose, no barking dogs
  • No smoking on-premises
  • See the sky all the way to the ground, and the stars fill the canopy overhead
  • No sirens
  • No screaming neighbors
  • You do not have to own a horse
  • Peaceful, easy feeling