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Get Back In the Saddle!

If you loved riding horses when you were a kid or young adult and want to resume but don’t know how to start, here are some suggestions. They’ll guide you back to the world of equine fun so you’ll be riding off into the sunset in no time.

Decide what you’re aiming for. Figure it out now so you make suitable and logical choices later on. For example, do you want to buy a new horse or just take lessons? Are you looking to compete, or are you happy riding the trails? What’s your budget?

Start off steady. Take some lessons first, even if you are very experienced and/or know you’ll be buying a horse soon. You’ll get back into it gradually and building your confidence each time you go.

Get organized and prepared. If you’re buying a horse, take the time to obtain what you’ll need. Before you bring your new fur baby home, do you have a vet? A farrier? All the correct equipment you and your horse will need? Insurance? The list can seem endless.

Acquire a suitable steed. Find the perfect horse—one you trust and won’t try to throw you the minute you mount. This applies to your own horse or one you’ve been offered to ride. If you want to buy, choose one that will suit your needs and riding ability. Don’t buy a wildly inappropriate horse and think you’ll be able to change his behavior or retrain him out of doing certain things.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Give yourself a break as you resume it. Don’t be hard on yourself if you’re struggling to get your horse to behave while walking down the lane. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to, such as ride at full speed or jump.

Have a sense of humor. Just go have fun and take things ride by ride. There will be times when you and your horse just don’t see eye to eye. But keep trying and have a laugh about it. You’re back doing what you love. No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it!

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