Horse Lessons & Training

Our lessons at 2UW Brush Creek Ranch is headed up by Clare Haag. Her love for horse training and her exceptional horsemanship makes her talents a tremendous asset to our program.


“My name is Clare.  I have always had a deep passion for working with horses which led me to 2UW Brush Creek Ranch. I have been riding and working there for many years. Having mainly specialized in starting young horses” - Clare

English and Western Training and Lessons

"I could not be any happier with my colt! Above expectations, he is going soft, light and sensible!

-Bethena Hemphill 

Comments shared after Clare trained her colt.

2UW Brush Creek Ranch

13325 Brush Creek Rd

Westmoreland, Kansas 66549


Hours of Operation

Mon - Sat: 7am - 5pm​​

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Area of Service:

Manhattan, Fort Riley, Junction City, KS and surrounding areas.

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