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Ride for our Trainers from Anywhere!

Featuring the training methods and best practices of World Champion Joe Ammann and his support team of top horse trainers and horsemen. This highly individualized mentor program allows members to realize their full potential as horsemen through a one-on-one partnership with 2UW Horsemanship Program, Internship and certification. 



Three Steps:

  • Film yourself

  • Upload and share your video with Joe

  • Receive your coaching video from Joe

It’s a simple process, and the first part of the program is Video Coaching. Because of modern technology, you can take virtual lessons with Joe! Submit your riding, training, or showing video and receive a detailed critique from Joe. He will give you feedback as well as specific, detailed assessment and ideas to help take your riding and training to the next level.

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Four Steps: 

  • Watch and study Joe's skill video

  • Film yourself duplicating the skill

  • Upload and Share your video with Joe

  • Receive written feedback and your assessment from Joe

Our Skills Assessment program is a series of 40 skill videos, broken up into three stages. They are what Al considers to be the essentials needed to properly train a horse. You record yourself, duplicating each individual skill and submit your video. Al will respond with feedback and you will either pass or be asked to re-do and re-submit.